Why is your dog’s playtime so important?

At our Sydney dog resort, we find that dogs settle in quickly for their holidays when they receive lots of cuddles and playtime at arrival. 

A recent study at Bristol University has found that for dogs to be well rounded and emotionally healthy they need to play and they need to be physically and mentally challenged on a daily basis.

Dogs that don’t have much playtime have higher rates of stress and anxiety than dogs who have lots of playtime, they can also be depressed or aggressive and have many behavioural issues. At Small Paws Dog Hotel in Sydney, we know how much our doggie guests love to play all day long! They play until they are tired, they rest and then play some more!

How often should you play with your dog?

With most dog owners working full time, it can be difficult to find the time to walk the dog, let alone play with them multiple times a day! Walking and playing with your dog once a day is the most that most owners can fit into their already busy schedules.

So it’s interesting to note that the Bristol University study found that only 10% of owners said that they play with their dogs once a day, 50% said that it’s two or three times a day, whilst 20% found the time to play with their dogs six times a day! At our small dog boarding kennels in Sydney, we make sure that all of our doggie guests have hours of fun and frolicking during their day, so they never have time to become bored.

The study didn’t actually suggest how often you need to play with your dog each day, but clearly it’s at least once a day, because they get bored so quickly.

Socialising your dog also makes for a happy and well balanced dog and it’s through socialisation that dogs can learn to play successfully with other dogs. Playing games with your dog is also a good way to keep them fit, healthy and mentally challenged, preventing boredom, depression and bad habits taking root. We love to play with our doggie guests at our Sydney dog resort!

Indoor and outdoor games for your dog

If your dog is left alone all day while you are at work, it’s a good idea to keep them busy with something fun that can hold their interest. Follow up with a long walk after work and your dog should be happy all day long!

A stuffed Kong toy is a very popular way to keep your dog busy while you are at work, as is a dry food dispensing toy that rolls around the room making them work hard for their treats. We find that the doggie guests at our dog boarding resort in Sydney love to play tug of war, a game that you can easily play at home after work. Throwing a frisbee is another game that will quickly tire your dog but is also heaps of fun for both of you.

Another great game is to construct an agility course in the back garden, as this mentally stimulates and exercises your dog in a really fun way.

If you want to book your little one into luxury dog boarding kennels in Sydney where your little one can play to their heart’s content all day long, please call us on 02 9450 1579 or send us an email