Your cat’s going on holiday? How to find the best luxury cattery in Sydney

Most of us look forward to our holidays, but that also means finding a luxury cattery in Sydney for our feline friends. Your first port of call should be to ask friends, relatives, work colleagues or your local vet if they can recommend a cat hotel in Sydney, followed up by a quick online search. When you have your short list of preferred cat accommodation in Sydney, here are the important points you need to check before making your final decision.

What type of accommodation does the Sydney cat resort offer?

We all know that our feline friends are very fussy and need their accommodation to be ‘just so’. This means that you need to be confident that their accommodation lives up to their standards! Does the Sydney cat boarding resort offer different types of accommodation for your cat? Are the rooms light and airy with views out into a garden (hopefully with lots of bird life to watch)? Do they have solid walls so there is no nose to nose contact with other cats? Do they have a hiding box for your cat to retreat to for “downtime”. Do they have plenty of toys, scratching poles and is the cattery air-conditioned and heated with extra heating pads in the winter if needed?

What type of bedding do they offer and can you bring in your own bedding and toys? How often do they clean the rooms and the litter trays is another good question to ask, because a clean cattery is a healthy cattery.

What type of outdoor areas and exercise is available for my cat?

Is there a communal exercise area or will your cat have their own separate outdoor area? Some cats are happy to share their exercise or snoozing time with other cats, whilst others don’t like to share! It’s important that you know how each luxury cattery in Sydney manages these situations, particularly if your cat prefers their own company.

What food will they offer my cat?

It’s always best to ask about the type and brand of food that is offered at each cat hotel, because some cats don’t like their menu to be changed. If you think that your cat might not like the available food, then make sure that the cat hotel allows you to provide your cat’s favourite food for their holiday stay.

What about special needs cats?

Older cats need special care when they are staying at cat boarding kennels. These can include access to their bedding without having to climb, lots of sunny spots for an afternoon’s snooze, and special foods and medications. You might need to make sure that your cat’s accommodation is on one level, has its own external window and that your cat doesn’t have to walk far to access the outdoors for their afternoon nap in the sunshine.

Is the cattery secure?

One thing to remember is cats like to climb! Is the cattery well fenced and secure? Do they have carers on site 24/7? How long has the cattery been established for and are staff qualified?

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