6 Tips on How To Best Prepare Your Dog For Their Perfect Holiday

Are you apprehensive about leaving your dog at a boarding kennel?

If you are concerned about leaving your dog in our small dog boarding resort for the first time, here are a few tips that should remove your apprehension. It’s good to have peace of mind knowing that your dog will always look forward with great relish to his or her next holiday with us!

Puppy classes

These classes help your little dog become used to other dogs in a controlled area and teach them to respond to your commands. A dog that has been well trained at puppy classes tends to be a social dog that gets on well with other dogs and isn’t anxious or upset when they spend their holidays at our dog boarding kennels in Sydney.

Are they socialised?

Following on from your puppy classes or if you have adopted an older dog, you need to make sure that they are fully socialised and are happy to run and play off-lead with other like-minded dogs. The local dog park is a good place to start, as is a playdate with a friend or relative’s dog. You will soon know how well your dog interacts with other dogs and if you have any concerns that they may be anxious or upset, you can talk to your vet and ask their advice. We can also give them their own space at our dog hotel so that they can remain calm and not feel anxious about being away from home. If your dog is a little timid around big dogs you can rest assured they will be fine at SmallPaws Pet Hotel Sydney, as we only board small dogs under 15kg .

Get them used to the car

Taking short trips in the cat that don’t involve going to the vet is a great idea, because they will always hop in ready for an exciting trip! When our doggie guests arrive at our luxury dog boarding kennels they always race out and are instantly ready for their very own wonderful holiday with all their doggie playmates.

Bring a toy or blanket from home

You don’t have to do this, but if you think that your dog will be happier with a familiar toy of blanket, by all means pack it for them and bring it with you when you drop your little one off with us at our dog boarding kennels in Sydney.

Familar Faces and Places!

Smallpaws Pet Hotel Sydney offers doggie daycare which is a great opportunity to get your fur babies familiar with our facilities before their holiday. If your dog is particularly anxious, book them in for some overnight stays so they can get used to their surroundings. Familiar faces and environments will make them feel at home. Our pet hotel has been established for over 25 years and you can rest assured we will always be here to provide a home away from home for your little friend.

Update their vaccinations

Always make sure that your dog has all their vaccinations up to date and don’t forget to bring their vaccination certificate with you for us to view.

A friend of mine remembers the very first time she booked her little one into dog boarding kennels in Sydney, because she felt so stressed and uneasy. She felt that she was abandoning her dog while she waltzed away on a wonderful holiday!

It all changed when she picked her dog up from the kennels, however, because he was so happy and healthy; it’s been the same ever since that day. Whenever she brings him to SmallPaws Pet Hotel in Sydney, he just can’t wait to join all his friends and play all day long, racing around the garden and just have a very good time indeed.

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