9 Tips for finding the best Dog Resort in Sydney

Why not treat your beloved companion to a holiday at a luxury dog resort in Sydney? When you’re heading off on holiday and you can’t take your little one with you, then it’s only fair to treat them to a holiday of their very own!

A week in a luxury dog boarding resort will definitely put a smile on their little faces, leaving you to enjoy your holiday knowing that your best friend is having a great dog minding experience in Sydney while you’re away.

Finding the right dog hotel in Sydney however, is no easy task, so here are nine easy to follow tips that will help you make the right choice for the doggie friend in your life.

Are they a member of PIAA?

Whilst membership in the Pet Industry Association of Australia isn’t compulsory, if the dog boarding kennels you are researching in Sydney don’t belong to this organisation, you have to wonder why, don’t you?

Do the staff live on site?

Make sure that your preferred dog hotel has experienced staff onsite overnight who can quickly give your little one the attention they need at night. We have staff who are always on hand if needed, and we offer lots of pampering options.

What’s their daily routine?

You want to know what your doggie friend will be doing all day, because you want to know they will be getting cuddles, exercise and playtime.

What accommodation is offered?

Some dogs need much more comfort than others, so it pays to view their website and check their range of sleeping accommodations before making your decision.

What about the food?

Can you take your own food? Do they cater to different specialised diets and fussy eaters? Do they offer the healthiest brands to your pet?

What about toys & bedding?

Some dogs need the comfort of their own toys and bedding, so if the dog boarding kennels in Sydney don’t allow this (and some don’t), you need to know about it!

What if your little one becomes ill?

Do they have their own vet on call 24/7 to attend to your little one if he or she becomes ill during their holiday? Our vet is just moments away from our doggie hotel.

Do they accommodate small dogs only?

Small dogs settle much easier in our non-threatening environment as we only care for small breed dogs 15kg and under.

Can your pooch have their own room?

Some dog boarding kennels only offer single accommodation as an extra, so make sure that you know about these charges if they apply to your little dog.

Tour the pet hotel:

Once you have answered all the above questions to your satisfaction, you really need to tour the luxury dog boarding resort to make a final check that all seems well. Do you feel comfortable there yourself? Do the doggie guests seem happy and content?

To take a tour of our luxury dog boarding resort in Duffys Forest, just 35 minutes north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, please call us on 02 9450 1579 or send us an email