Small Dog Boarding

Small Dog Boarding

SmallPaws is the only specialist facility offering small dog and cat boarding in Sydney. This means we’re uniquely positioned to cater to the special needs of smaller pets. At our premises, everything is designed and scaled to meet the needs of smaller animals, from room and suite layouts to exercise areas. Many owners who book small dog boarding with us also appreciate the fact that their little friend won’t be stressed out by the presence of larger pups.

At SmallPaws, we treat your dog or cat as though they were our own. This means around the clock care, one-on-one attention, and lots of cuddles and pats! We understand that many small pets are used to a certain level of care and contact – there’s a reason they call some dogs ‘lap dogs’ – so we do everything possible to ensure your pet has the best possible experience with us. For example, in our Pucci suites, dogs can sleep on real beds (with steps leading up, of course) – just like at home. Sociable cats have plenty of opportunities to mingle with other sociable during exercise time, or they can exercise singly.

To complete the small pet boarding experience, we offer a range of optional pampering services. For fluffier long-haired cats and dogs, extra bathing and brushing are especially important. Services range from cat brushing, done in-house for just $10, to professional grooming which begins at $60 depending on your pet’s special needs.

For more on how we cater to small animals, or to book your pet’s stay, call us on (02) 9450 1579.