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Cat Accommodation Prices


We offer 2 levels of accommodation for your cat, The Apartment and The Penthouses.

There is no charge for the day of departure if picked up by 10:00 am.


We offer special discounts for:

  • Cats staying longer than 3 weeks during the low season.
  • 5% Family discount for multiple pets sharing the same room.
  • 10% Senior’s discount during low season in Apartment accommodation to holders of a Seniors Card.

For more information please contact us or visit our cat page.

We offer 2 levels of air conditioned/ heated accommodation for your cat, The Apartments and The Penthouses:

  • The Apartment: A double sided enclosure with one half on the inside of the cattery and the other half overlooking the exercise area and garden. The 2 sides are connected with a cat flap. The side walls to the enclosure are solid, and each ‘room’ has a hiding box, soft bed and scratching post. The inside of the cattery is fully heated and air-conditioned.
  • The Penthouses: The Penthouses are larger rooms each with their own window, large scratch pole and separate exercise area. The room contains a soft bed, climbing shelves and is fully air conditioned and heated. In winter, heat pads are in every suite. There is a choice of menu- Fancy Feast, Majesty, Whiskers, Cats Delite, and Supercoat Biscuits.


Low Season High Season
The Apartment  $25 $32
The Penthouse $32 $40

High Season is the period covered by Public School Holidays.

**There is a $15 Public Holiday surcharge per pet per Public Holiday.


Apartment Penthouse
Heat Pad $2/day Included
Bravecto 3 month Flea/Tick Prevention $35 $35
Frontline Plus Prevention (fortnight) $14 $14
Photos – Facebook – 1 Album $10 $10
Photos – Facebook – Albums x 5 $45 $45
Photos – Email (4 photos) $15 $15
Video – Facebook $15 $15
Pet Taxi POA POA
Cat brush (10 mins) $10 $10
One on One Playtime (15 mins) $14 $14
Seresto Tick Collar $75 $75
Treats – Temptations bag $5 $5
Cuddles Free! Free!


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