My cat Snuggles & Cavoodle Star love going to Small Paws where they are treated like family. They come home healthy and happy. The team also took special care of Snuggles when he was recovering from cruciate ligament surgery. Highly recommended.

The ShinyMew

Our 2 fur babies stayed in a penthouse room and it was great. Warm, with a cat tree and window. Email enquiries are always answered straight away and the people working there obviously care about the animals staying with them.

Karen Joseph

My cat Booh came home so happy and contented with his stay, which is unusual because he is usually so grumpy! Thank you to all the staff, we’ll be back soon!

Daniel Severino

My beautiful old cat just spent over 3 weeks at Small Paws. They were wonderful to her. She was so happy, I almost felt like she did not want to leave! All the staff at Small Paws are so lovely and caring. I highly recommend the

Justine Cottle

My boys Jerry and Laine are so well looked after by the friendly and caring staff at Small Paws, both are anxious rescues but are very social at the pet hotel! They have such a good time and never want to leave! Thankyou small paws! Jerry and Laine are settling back in at home now and having a good sleep

Tanya Collins

Wonderful care. very friendly atmosphere and my cat Tilly loves it. She doesn't get anxious and in fact cries when we get home after her stay at Small Paws. Thank you everyone.

Diana Earle

This is Oscars third visit and the Team at Small Paws are great. 
No one likes leaving a pet to go on holidays although Small paws is the place to send them when you need to. 
The ladies are wonderful.

Daryl Meppem

Small paws is a fantastic place for our Molly, we feel comfortable leaving her there with the friendly staff. We wouldn't leave her anywhere else...thanks small paws..

Chris Martin

Boarded our cat Arnie recently and facilities are really great, friendly staff too. Arnie was very happy when I picked him up. Highly recommend Small Paws

Danie Hudson

The best and only choice for fur children. Caring and reliable staff

David Joseph

We recently left our 6 month old kitten at SmallPaws and coudn't have been happier with the service. The ladies are so lovely and clearly really care about the animals they look after. It was great to see photos of him when we were away and he seemed very calm and contented when we picked him up. Have already booked them in for the next trip in a couple of months

Christy Jones

Cat Holidays | Sydney

What we offer:


At SmallPaws daily exercise is complimentary. The exercise areas are covered to allow playtime in all types of weather.


All of our accommodation is also air-conditioned and heated.

Complimentary Cuddles:

Complimentary cuddles, exercise time and attention included for every cat!

A Relaxing Environment

At SmallPaws we want each of our cat hotel guests to feel at home and settled as soon as possible after their arrival.

We believe this is easier if the ambience is non-threatening and peaceful. In all of our levels of accommodation, we have relaxing classical music playing in the background at all time

We offer high-quality pet accommodation for cat lovers who truly care about their pet’s comfort during their stay. At SmallPaws, we ensure that our luxury cat boarding offers your cat a friendly and welcoming environment. Every cat has their own preferences and personality so our cattery attempts to cater to all types.

SmallPaws ensures your cat is provided with fresh air, comfortable bedding, plenty of fresh water and a meal plan to suit their needs. Each of our cat guests have access to a fully covered and secure play area for approximately two hours per day, where they can stretch their legs and pounce across the enclosure.  Pampering Plus is available at additional cost.

Keeping your pet active helps to maintain their happiness throughout the duration of their stay in our luxury cattery near the Northern beaches.


Daily Routine

As we all know, cats don’t have owners and carers … they have ‘staff’.

Every morning starts off with ‘the staff’ checking every cat with a cuddle, and a health check. Food and water consumption, along with toileting habits overnight are noted and monitored.

In The Apartments building each of our cattery guests have access to a fully covered and secure exercise area for approximately two hours per day.

In The Suites building we let out one cat at a time to explore the balcony. There are some cats who prefer the comfort of their own room; these cats are monitored closely for issues and encouraged over time to venture into an exercise area.

After all the rooms are cleaned and fresh litter trays replaced, breakfast is served. The trays are cleaned throughout each day, and exercise times rotated as necessary throughout the day.

During the afternoon there are more cuddles, ‘health checks’ and pampering plus activities  (optional extras).

Late afternoon it’s back into the rooms for rest and more cuddles. Medications are then dispensed (please note all oral cat medications, including tablets and liquids must be able to be given in their food) and a final good night tuck in.



We offer five levels of accommodation in our cattery, The Apartments, Two Storey Apartment, Executive Suite, Penthouse Suite and The Presidential Suite. Whether you are dropping your pet off for a short trip near the Northern beaches or you are heading overseas for a few months, we have the solution for you.

MENU: Cats in all levels of accommodation have a choice of Whiskers, Fancy Feast, Majesty, VIP Cat fresh meat, Tuna and Supercoat biscuits.

The Apartment:

The Two Storey Apartment:

In The Apartment each cat has their own double enclosure connected with a cat flap. The side walls to the enclosure are solid, and each ‘room’ on the inside has a hiding box with fleecy blanket, a soft bed and soft toggle mat. In the outdoor section they have another comfy bed and scratching post.

One side of the enclosure is on the inside of the cattery, and the other half is on the outside, where each cat can enjoy fresh air and views of the garden (and wildlife!).  The inside of the cattery is heated and air-conditioned.

The Two Storey Apartment is a top level and floor level Apartment joined together with stairs in the outdoor section which provides multiple levels for your fur babies to enjoy. This is great for families with multiple pets.


In addition, there are 2 fully enclosed exercise areas with large scratching poles, comfy beds and lots of toys where cats can take their turn for two hours a day running around, exploring and getting closer to nature. Cat grass is available in each exercise area. Pampering Plus is also available.

Please checkout out our Facebook Page and the Testimonial page of this website for more photos!

The Suites:

Tailored for those who want an opulent experience for their pampered feline friend, these packages are the epitome of luxury cat boarding.

In The Suites building we have:

The Presidential Suite: Fit for royalty, this spacious room has a large window for our guests to sit on and enjoy the tranquillity of the breath taking views of our bushland and green paddocks . The suite contains luxurious plush bedding, toys, large scratching tree and climbing shelves.

The Penthouse Suites: These Suites are large rooms each with their own window. The suite contains soft bedding, toys, large scratching trees and climbing shelves.

The Executive Suite: This Suite has a window, large scratching tree, climbing shelf, soft bed and toys.

The Suites building is fully air-conditioned and heated with classical radio playing at all times.

Each of our guests have two hours a day access to the Suites private balcony full of toys, scratching logs and a chair overlooking the garden. They can spend their time exploring their new surroundings or just lazing in the sun in a comfy bed. Pampering Plus is also available.

The Penthouse

Presidential Suite

Executive Suite

For pricing please see our Cat Accommodation Prices Page