FAQ Cats

Why Small Paws?

Why is Smallpaws better than the rest?
At Smallpaws we have the experience, the serene ambience, the time, the spacious well maintained exercise areas and caring staff to truly care for your cat.
When can I come for a tour of Smallpaws?
We are open for tours from 10.00am to 12 noon Monday through to Saturday during school term only. Appointments are only required on Saturdays as they are so popular!

Caring for your cat

Does my cat share their room with another cat?
Only cats from the same family share enclosures. In the ‘sociable’ exercise area, some cats do share the space, however we are very careful to evaluate which cats are happy to share with other cats. Cats that don’t like sharing the exercise area have time on their own in our ‘non sociable’ area.
Does my cat get outside each day?
As we believe in the importance of exercise for your cats health and well-being, our ‘sociable’ guests have complimentary access to the exercise area for between 2 hours and 8 hours, depending on the personalities of the cats. The cats who want to exercise and explore, but don’t like other cats, take turns in our ‘ non sociable’ exercise area.  Every enclosure has an indoor and outdoor section connected with a cat flap, so even the shyest of cats can securely come into the outdoor section at nighttime when there is no-one is around!
What happens when it rains all day?
Both of our exercise areas have a covered roof.
Will my cat get too hot/ cold?
Our accommodation is heated and air conditioned. We also have heated sleeping pads available.
Do you charge extra for old cats?
Of course not, we love our older guests; many of them have been coming here since they were kittens. Our heated /airconditioned accommodation ensures that they are always at a comfortable temperature. Medication, eye and ear cleaning are all part of our standard care.
What if there is a storm?
Many pets are afraid during thunderstorms. As both the manager’s and owner’s families live on site, there is always someone around to help comfort our guests.
What happens if my cat gets sick?
After 22 years experience we can quickly tell if your cat is off colour. Our local vet is only a few minutes away and is ‘on call’. We will advise you or your emergency contact person if you prefer, we can take your cat to your own vet
Do you groom cats?
We do brush long haired cats, but we have to charge a small fee for this service.
Medications … Is there a charge?
We do administer medications and there is no additional charge, as we already spend one on one time with each pet daily. Please ensure each medication is clearly marked with the pets name, and dosage level.

Prices, Discounts & Cancellations

How much does boarding cost?
Our prices vary between high and low season, and the level of accommodation. We do not charge for the day of departure if your cat is picked up before 9.00am. It is possible to purchase extra ‘one on one’ playtimes, grooming, and treats for your pet.

Please check our rates for accommodation and extra treats on our website.

Do you offer discounts if i have more than 1 pet?
We offer a 5% discount off the price of the accommodation for family pets sharing the same room. For photos, video sessions, FaceTime and Playtime only one session is charged when the family pets are sharing the session.
Do you offer discounts for long stays?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for stays of longer than 3 weeks.
What is your cancellation policy?


All Christmas holiday bookings have a 1-day board booking fee. Bookings are taken with CC payment.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of booking – no fee charged
  • Cancellation after 24 hours – Booking fee charged $50.00
  • Cancellation after full payment has been received (due 1st November) – payment will be retained as a credit.
  • Cancellation 1 week prior to arrival – Full payment forfeited


What food do you provide?
We provide Whiskers tinned food and Cat’s Delite fresh meat on alternate days. Supercoat dry biscuits are also provided daily.
How do you cater for special diets?
We understand, that many pets have special dietary requirements and requests. You are welcome to bring their special diets with them. We cannot offer a discount if you do supply your own food.  If it is for a longterm stay, please discuss your requirements with us and if possible, we will be able to supply the diet ourselves.
Do you offer weight loss programs?
A common problem for all of us! We can organize a weight loss regime covering food and exercise for your cat whilst they are here.
What if our cat doesn’t eat their food?
Most guests are enjoying their food within a day or 2 of arriving. However, occasionally we have a cat that loses their appetite when they first come to stay. After 22 years in the business we know how to encourage our guests to relax and eat their food. We spend lots of time talking to them, making them feel safe and settled and offer warm, freshly cooked chicken. It always works!

Arriving & what to bring

Do you have a taxi service?
There are 2 pet taxi companies that service Smallpaws Pet Hotel: www.porters4pets.com.au and www.brittspettaxi.com.au. As we are a small boarding facility, with no hidden costs, we are unable to offer a’ free’ pickup and delivery.
Should I bring bedding?
We supply comfy beds here for all of our guests. However, if your cat loves their bed, and finds it comforting, please bring it with them. We can’t guarantee that bedding will go home in the same condition that it arrived (although we do try!). If you’re concerned, please purchase a bed from a discount store and have your cat use it a few nights prior to arrival. Their scent will then be on the bed and will still be a comfort to them.
Should I bring toys … how many?
You are welcome to bring one, clearly marked toy, but toys often ‘go walkabout’ and we can’t guarantee the toy will return home!
What vaccinations should my cat have?
The annual F3 vaccination from your vet. We will ask to see your record of vaccination when you board with us.
What are the drop off and pickup times?

Drop off times are:
Monday – Saturday 7.30am – 12 noon
Monday – Friday 12 noon – 3.30pm (by appointment)

Pickup times are:
Monday – Saturday  7.30am – 9.00am – no charge for that day.
Monday – Saturday  9.00am – 12.00 – 1/2 day Daycare $12
Monday – Saturday  9.00am – 3.45pm – Full Day Care $23


What should I bring for my cats holiday?
  • A copy of the latest, up to date vaccination record from your vet
  • Medications(if necessary)
  • Bedding (if you think it will help your pet to settle in, but nothing too precious!)
  • Emergency contact telephone number or email for when you are away
  • If you have a complicated medication/feeding routine please bring typed instructions.
  • Your pet!

Office Hours

Office Hours

Our office is open:

Monday to Saturday 7:30am – 4pm

Inspections are welcome Monday to Saturday 10am – 12noon during the school term only.