Cat boarding | Sydney

A Relaxing Environment

Mail Attachment-6At SmallPaws we want each of our cat hotel guests to feel at home and settled as soon as possible after their arrival.

We believe this is easier if the ambience is non-threatening and peaceful. Relaxing background music is played, and each cat has their own double enclosure connected with a cat flap. The side walls to the enclosure are solid, and each ‘room’ has a hiding box and soft bed. One side of the enclosure is on the inside of the cattery, and the other half is on the outside, where each cat can enjoy fresh air and views of the garden (and wildlife!). The inside of the cattery is heated and air-conditioned. It is a fantastic step above a traditional cattery for North Shore, Northern Beaches and wider Sydney owners who really care about their cat’s experience during their stay.

In addition there are 2 fully enclosed exercise areas, where cats can take their turn running around, exploring and getting closer to nature. Cat grass is available in each exercise area.

Daily Routine

As we all know, cats don’t have owners and carers … they have ‘staff’.

Every morning starts off with ‘the staff’ checking every cat with a cuddle, scratch and toilet check. Food and water consumption overnight is also monitored.

The sociable cats are then let out into the “sociable” exercise area of our cat hotel, while the not so sociable cats are let out one at a time into the ‘non sociable’ exercise area. There are some cats who prefer the comfort of their own room; these cats are monitored closely for issues and encouraged over time to venture into an exercise area.

After all the rooms are cleaned and fresh litter trays replaced, fresh wet food, and fresh dry food is given to each cat. Medications for those who need it are administered at this time. The trays are cleaned as needed, and exercise times rotated as necessary throughout the day. Grooming and individual playtimes are shared in the afternoon.


We offer two levels of accommodation in our cattery, The Apartment and The Penthouses.

MENU: Cats in both types of accommodation have a choice of Whiskers tinned meat, Fancy Feast, Cat Barf and Supercoat biscuits.

The Apartment:

catsA double sided enclosure with one half on the inside of the cattery and the other half overlooking the exercise area and garden.

The 2 sides are connected with a cat flap.

This includes 2 hours exercise/day for suitable cats and 1 main meal (see menu above) with biscuits available at all times.

The Penthouse:

Cat deluxe package at small paws1The Penthouse suites are larger rooms each with their own window, large scratch pole and separate exercise area.

The room contains a soft bed, climbing shelves and is fully air conditioned and heated. In winter, heat pads are in every suite.


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For pricing please see our Cat Accommodation Prices Page.