Short & Long Term Luxury Cat Boarding

Sydney’s North Shore Luxury Cattery

We offer high quality, short and long-term pet accommodation for cat lovers who truly care about their pet’s comfort during their stay. At SmallPaws, we ensure that our luxury cat boarding offers your animal a friendly and welcoming environment. Every cat has their own preferences and personality so our cattery attempts to cater for all types. Each enclosure is temperature controlled and offers your pet plenty of room to move, as well as offering them a hiding place, scratching post and a comfortable bed.

Small Paws ensures your cat is provided with fresh air, water and a meal plan to suit their needs. Any social animals will be allowed out into the community play area, where they can stretch their long legs and pounce across the enclosure. We also have a separate exercise area for less social cats. Keeping your pet active helps to maintain their happiness throughout the duration of their stay in our luxury cattery near the Northern beaches.

Our location is convenient for Sydney residents as well as anyone traveling through Sydney’s North Shore/Northern Beaches and Potts Point area. Whether you are looking for a short-term stay or something longer, we have different packages to suit you. This luxury cat boarding service allows you to relax, knowing your pet is in safe and loving hands. Perfect for short or long term cat boarding.

Our Deluxe Boarding Packages

Whether you are dropping your pet off for a short trip near the Northern beaches or you are heading overseas for a long-term holiday, our cattery has two solutions for you.

The Apartment

The Apartment service includes a minimum of two hours access to our stimulating outdoor exercise areas for suitable and friendly felines. We offer a variety of meal plans which are tailored to suit your cat’s palate. Owners are of course welcome to provide special diet foods or other options. We are happy to supply special diets for long stay guests.

luxury cat boarding Sydney

The Penthouse

Tailored for those who want an opulent experience for their pampered feline friend, this package is the epitome of luxury cat boarding servicing Sydney’s North Shore/Northern Beaches and Potts Point. Your cat will enjoy a choice of menu, their own personal cat house tree condo, a window and shelf to watch the outdoors, comfy bedding and two hours access to a private deck. Choosing this plan will ensure your cat has the time of their lives while you enjoy yours!

Make a booking through our online form, or contact us on (02) 9450 1579.